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October 13, 2006:  Workshop on “Foundation of a Alumni Association of VKI”, attended by 150 Alumni.
Large consensus to set-up a legally established International Non-Profit Organization named  the

“Association of the Alumni of the von Karman Institute”

January – September 2007: European and North American Alumni collaborate to formulate the statutes of the association
October 2007: First draft of French translation of statutes submitted to the Belgian Ministry of Justice through  the Notary of the Institute
February 2008: Final version of statutes signed by 32 Founding Members from 14 countries
April  June 2008: Call for candidates, elections and nomination of delegates.  30 delegates from 13 countries are elected to the VKI-AA board (clicking on VKI-AA board displays photo gallery of board members
June 27, 2008: First VKI-AA Board Meeting; Nomination of Executive Committee